Valentine’s Day Ideas for Senior Citizens

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us will remember our grammar school days when our mothers and teachers had us exchange a Valentine with everyone in our class whether we could tolerate our classmate or not. Many a child struggled with sending the Valentine with just the right wording so that our classmates of the opposite sex would get the right message, or not get the wrong message. 

Remember the little tear apart Valentine’s we only had to write our name on? Surprisingly they are still available for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to angst over as they choose which image to give.

Although we are much older now, Valentine’s Day is popular with anyone who enjoys the idea of love and romance. It is a time to show our true feelings and affection and give gifts that display our devotion and admiration. Whether we are a giver of roses and chocolates or the recipient of a small paper card, Valentine’s Day is one holiday that lets all of us feel special and treasured.

Valentine party ideas for seniors citizens are not as common as other festive celebrations, but the one day of the year dedicated to love can actually make for an incredibly memorable time. Here are several fun, family friendly and festive Valentine party ideas.

Food from the heart: One simple way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to serve a feast of heart-themed foods. Simply choose appetizers, sweets, and dinner dishes that somehow relate to love and romance such as cinnamon heart candies, salads with artichoke hearts or red velvet cake. You could also take your heart-felt meal to the next level by only using red or heart shaped dishes.

Create a Valentine-themed table or special place:Years ago I read about a woman who started gathering all the red items around her house and placing them on her dining room table. Pictures, nick-knacks, books, scarves, salt and pepper shakers or red dinner plates and cups, or any other red odds-and-ends found their way to that spot. She would then place the items in such a manner as to create a wonderful and unexpected ode to a very special day.

I have followed this idea for the past several years, and it never ceases to amaze me how different the area looks each year.

Give Valentine’s to your special friends and family members: You can continue the tradition started in grade school. The valentines do not need to be fancy or expensive. Have fun by purchasing several sheets of the kind  you used in school and hand them out at the Senior Center or send them to family members. Everyone will have a good laugh (not at your expense) as the memories come flooding back.

Tell stories out of school: Have everyone share their most or least favorite valentine received when they were in school and enjoy the memories that are shared. Ask your friends and family for their favorate stories. Everyone will enjoy a good laugh from a time remembered long ago.

There are any number of foods and activities seniors can enjoy during this wonder season of the year. Just because we are no longer spring chickens, so to speak, doesn’t mean we have to skip Valentine’s Day. In fact, this is a great time to also pass out hugs to your favorite people. You are never to old to have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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