Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

As most people know, the importance of eating the correct foods and performing some sort of exercise on a daily basis are the two most important ways seniors can live a healthy lifestyle. No matter how old you are, if you are healthy physically and mentally you will enjoy independent living far into your golden years.

Most people dread losing their home, having to move in with family or into some kind of senior care facility. Just because we seniors are getting older, doesn’t mean we have to become dependent on others. I know I would hate to live under someone’s supervision every day the rest of my life. And I would hate to have my family members look at my age and decide it’s time to start taking care of me. I plan on being independent as long as I can. Losing our independence is the worst thing that can happen to us seniors.

Most seniors are concerned with putting their spiritual house in order before they die, but physical wellbeing is also very important. In fact a top priority for seniors is to eat a balanced diet and stop entertaining notions of dieting. Balanced meals that provide nutritional benefits are absolutely essential to the overall wellbeing of the older person. Everything should be done in moderation, whether it is eating, drinking or exercising. If you have already been diagnosed as being diabetic or having high blood pressure your doctor will be better able to prescribe a healthy and satisfying diet for you.

Hopefully, you will find the following basic tips for a healthy lifestyle very useful in staying fit and enjoying life. To look and feel good you need to love yourself, love life and use self-discipline. Here’s how:

  1. Drinking – drink as much water as you possibly can. The typical six to eight glasses a day has come under some scrutiny recently, but it is still important to drink plenty of water. Mainly because water helps to flush the toxins right out of your system keeping you fresh and energized. When toxins are flushed away the skin begins to look healthier. This is one of the best ways to look and feel good.
  2. Avoid dieting – eat well balanced meals that will provide you vital nutrients and minerals that the body needs. As we begin to age, it is far better to eat smaller meals through the day; this makes it easy on the digestive system. Three good meals a day is for when we are young and lead highly energetic lives. When we begin to grow older our activity levels decrease and the metabolism rate begins to slow down. It is best to eat as many as 5 small meals a day and to never forget that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables beats eating lots of meat and junk food. Even if you don’t really feel hungry you need to eat something; skipping meals is not a good idea because it can play havoc with blood sugar levels, the metabolism and your emotional wellbeing.
  3. Exercise – a dreaded word for some but it really doesn’t have to be. If you are up to it you can always join a gym, but walking is free and once you start walking on a daily basis you will soon begin to enjoy the fresh air and the exercise. Choose an area which is populated, but not necessarily overly full of people; a scenic route preferably where you can the great outdoors. See if you can get your friends to walk with you. This will help encourage you to walk every day as you also enjoy the social aspect of friendship.
  4. Sufficient Rest. Rest is crucial in maintaining good health and an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You need to get your rest because failure to do so will rob you of your good health and vitality. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep can leave you feeling dull and listless.
  5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine will only dehydrate your skin and lead to a host of health problems. Try not to let your daily intake of caffeine exceed a cup each morning and preferably go for the decaf variety. Alcohol is best avoided except on social occasions as too much of it can lead to a dulling of the mind.

Following these tips will help you live a healthy lifestyle far into your senior years. If you find this list a little overwhelming, take one area at a time and when you feel comfortable, move on to the next. The important thing is to just begin in the first place. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel.


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