The Little Book of Positive Thoughts for Carers – Review

As most any online savvy person knows, Twitter is all the rage right now. Not only does Twitter allow us to let others know what we are about nowadays, but it provides a great forum to promote our articles, products, or ideas.

Recently I exchanged Tweets and then emails with someone associated with a British carer who has written a  book  called The Little Book of Positive Thoughts for Carers. 

Brenda Munitich, the books author, is a 75-year-old caregiver of two who has written a wonderful book of encouragement and positive thoughts designed specifically with carers in mind.

Although I haven’t read the whole book, I received a twenty-page sample that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

The 68-page book contains 27 short chapters addressing such topics as acceptance, fears and anxieties, loneliness, endurance, dealing with exhaustion, change, happiness, keeping in touch, and many more. Each chapter is preceded by an appropriate topic-related quote.

The book ends with three important chapters for carers: Time for yourself, reflections, and meditation.

The press release describes this book as an essential guide to developing and sustaining a positive attitude, self-belief, and the ability to see the blessings in every situation, and it certainly appears to fulfill that description.

From what I read, I highly recommend this book to caregivers (carers) the world over. The chapters are short enough for  use as a daily devotional, and varied enough that we can return to individual topics as often as we have need.

The links below provide an opportunity for you to purchase this wonderful book written by someone who knows what we caregivers need in order to enable us to not only care for our loved one, but also support ourselves and preserve our inner-strength.

The book’s price is only £4.99 ( UK ) $6.99 (US).

You can buy The Little Book of Positive Thoughts for Carers at


2 thoughts on “The Little Book of Positive Thoughts for Carers – Review

  1. Hi Edie

    Thanks for writing a beautiful review. We just know that Brenda’s book will touch a lot of people and help them greatly. Brenda is absolutely delighted with the response to her new book.

  2. Hi Edie, I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful article about my amazing Mum’s book – ‘The Little Book of Positive Thoughts For Carers’. Mum (Brenda Munitich) has been an inspiration to all of us, and she very much lives the life she writes about in her beautiful book. She inspired me into my line of work too, by being a wonderful example of how your thoughts create your outcomes in life.
    Thank you again Edie, wishing you very much love, Diane xxx

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