Silver Surfers: Internet Usage Among Older Generations Infographic

Silver Surfers


10 thoughts on “Silver Surfers: Internet Usage Among Older Generations Infographic

  1. Ana, it’s sad that some of us aging seniors aren’t able to jump on the Internet wagon. I’m glad I was young enough and able to, but I know people my age that don’t even want to try. To each their own, I guess. If nothing else, email would be the best way to go if she was able to understand it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for the comment about the info graphic. I didn’t create it, but would like to try it someday. It’s interesting how some people take to the Internet and others shy away. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Amanda, I love it. Sounds like your husband’s grandmother is pretty savvy and cool. love it!

  4. Misty, that sounds like a great gift and hopefully your grandmother will be able to learn how to use an iPad. Those of us who are not tech savvy still can sometimes learn new “gadgets”. Best of luck to Grandma.

  5. Good to see the numbers going up! All of us grandkids are thinking of getting my grandmother an IPad but she’s not super tech savvy. I’m pretty excited about her getting one.

  6. My grandmother won’t touch a computer but my husband’s grandmother does all of her shopping online. She says it’s easier and safer than driving all of the way to the store to get what she needs and she’s pretty hooked on eBay.

  7. Great info graphic and interesting stats! My parents are both over 60 and my dad uses the internet all the time for a lot of different things. My mom doesn’t use it a lot, but when she does it’s the ipad. Neither of them are on social media though.

  8. I’ve never managed to get my mother in law anywhere near a computer though I’ve tried for the past twenty years. (She’s 79 now and has memory problems so I have given up) She’s never touched one in her life! It just seems so strange to live in the modern world and not to have the benefit of email or the Internet.

  9. I think it’s awesome when older folks try to stay up with technology. I think it prevents aging. =)

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