Seniors Can Stay Fit by Eating Right – Here’s how

As we all know aging is a process that occurs over time. We are young, active, and enjoying life. Then one day the realization sets in that we are feeling and looking older; we either do not or cannot exercise or participate in sports the way we used to; and we are beginning to tire of all the activity around us preferring to stay home instead. On top of that, aches and pains and weariness are becoming a daily occurrence. In other words, we are getting older.

To age means to slowly start losing the good health we once enjoyed; the freedom of movement without pain and most important of all our independence. Where once the parent was teacher and guide, there is now a role reversal and the child becomes the teacher and guide. Is this hard to bear? Definitely! Probably nothing is more painful than knowing that you will slowly lose your independence and become dependent on someone, and possibly even have to give up the security of your own home.

Well, there’s really no need to give up and give in! You have the choice to maintain good health and safety no matter how old you are. We have some very useful tips on senior health and safety for you.  Try them today for a better and more independent lifestyle.

Gaining weight?

The first thing to become aware of is that putting on weight as we age is not a good idea. True enough, shedding those excess pounds is never an easy task; however, it’s got to be done! Take restaurants for example; in recent years we have seen that the portions served are rather large! Counter this by choosing a salad plate and choosing the more healthy options listed on the menu.

Dieting is not really the best health option for seniors; however, eating right definitely is. Once you make it a regular habit to eat less, your system will automatically adapt to the change and be quite content with smaller portions.

Eat right

A healthy heart goes a long way in keeping you fit and one way to ensure this is to reduce red meats from your diet. Eat very little – maybe once or twice a week – and make sure to remove all the excess fat.  Cutting out all those yummy sausages, bacon, processed meats and hot dogs will help tremendously.

One of the healthiest options is a diet that has more fish in it.  Snack on fresh fruit, this is the one thing you can have as much as you want of. You should also include as much fresh vegetables (raw is best) in your diet as you can stomach.

No amount of eating right is going to do you much good without a little exercise. A walk each day will do you a world of good. Depending on your personal level of physical fitness, you need to walk. You can stay fit by eating right and remaining active far into your latter years.

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