Martial Arts Exercises for Seniors

Exercises are great stress reliever and it also boosts self confidence among seniors. Researches reveal that martial arts are a great form of activity for aged persons. However, one should not over stress themselves. Exercises should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the age factor. There are several benefits of this, like:

  • It helps to learn co ordination
  • Provides group support
  • Improve flexibility and provides a healthier life
  • Increase mental alertness

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Grandparent and Grandchild – A Unique Bond

What surprises many seniors when their grandchildren begin arriving are how much love they can hold in their heart for the new arrivals. There is a bond between grandparent and grandchild that is difficult to explain to outsiders.

After all, when parents have their children, they are new to raising kids, most likely trying to earn a living, still getting used to living with their spouse, paying bills and often a mortgage, and still trying to figure out their way in life.

Grandparents have it better because they have been through all that. Now, they are on the other end of the life cycle. While they do have their own issues as they age, there is still a lack of the pressure that parents have. Seniors can enjoy their grandchildren without carrying the load moms and dads have to deal with.

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Grandparents and Grandchildren: Reliving Our Childhood

Grandparents and grandchildren seem to have a special bond that cannot be broken no matter what happens. I’ve found that one of the greatest blessings in my life is my grandson, who is now five-years-old.  Anyone who knows me knows that I was not the best parent in the world.

One of the great things about having grandchildren is that we can learn from our experience and hopefully make a much more positive difference in their life than we did the first time around.

I’m proud of both my daughters and how they turned out in spite of their father and me. It’s especially satisfying to see what a great mom my daughter is with her son. What makes her role as top-mom even more challenging is that he is a special needs child.

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Shopping Tips for Seniors

About every couple of weeks or so we go shopping for groceries and other necessities at one of the so-called big box stores – in our case either Wal-Mart or Meijer. In the meantime, I keep a running list of what we will need to buy so that I don’t miss anything.  In between the larger trips we have a local store about two miles from us if we need emergency rations such as milk.

The main problem with these larger shopping trips is that we tend to spend more money than we sometimes need. As we are moving through the store to the grocery area after getting a haircut or picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, we come across all kinds of items that we suddenly realize we really need – but actually we don’t.

I’ve never been one to enjoy shopping and now that I’m older it seems to be more of a chore than ever. The noise, bright lights, largeness of the store, sometimes the number of people in the grocery isles depending on when we go shopping, and how I am feeling that day all play a part in whether I enjoy myself or dread being at the store. Continue reading →

Seniors Can Stay Fit by Eating Right – Here’s how

As we all know aging is a process that occurs over time. We are young, active, and enjoying life. Then one day the realization sets in that we are feeling and looking older; we either do not or cannot exercise or participate in sports the way we used to; and we are beginning to tire of all the activity around us preferring to stay home instead. On top of that, aches and pains and weariness are becoming a daily occurrence. In other words, we are getting older.

To age means to slowly start losing the good health we once enjoyed; the freedom of movement without pain and most important of all our independence. Where once the parent was teacher and guide, there is now a role reversal and the child becomes the teacher and guide. Is this hard to bear? Definitely! Probably nothing is more painful than knowing that you will slowly lose your independence and become dependent on someone, and possibly even have to give up the security of your own home.

Well, there’s really no need to give up and give in! You have the choice to maintain good health and safety no matter how old you are. We have some very useful tips on senior health and safety for you.  Try them today for a better and more independent lifestyle. Continue reading →

Benefits of Walking Daily for Seniors

When you were thinking about the life you would live as a senior citizen, you may have held that old idea of sitting on a rocking chair and watching the world go by.  That long-standing idea for some reason seemed like an ideal situation for people in their golden years. But what is ideal for you from a quality of life point of view is to be an active and energetic senior citizen and not to see retirement as your time to completely stop moving.  In fact, there are plenty of benefits of walking every day for seniors.  If you make it as much a part of your daily routine as your morning coffee, you will reap tons of great benefits.

Of course, your kids and your doctor have probably already been on you about the benefits of walking for your health. And those are valid to be sure.  Walking will keep your blood flowing, improve your circulation, do your appetite a world of good and keep your joints and muscles limber and exercised.

Senior couple walking on a path together in the countryside

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Happy Third Birthday, Elder Care Cafe

This is our third birthday at Elder Care Cafe and we almost missed it again! The actual date is August 3rd, although last year we were so busy with our move to Texas we didn’t celebrate until the end of August.

Once again we are on the busy-train. A year ago we moved to SE Texas to help with the care of my grandson and to experience island living. While I am thoroughly enjoying my time here, my father is not. So, for two reasons we are back on the move. My daughter has lived here for seven years and has decided to return to Michigan. The main reason is the heat and she misses the cool morning breezes, among other things – such as green grass, tall trees, etc. I totally understand. Continue reading →

Senior Exercise Tips

Whether you watch health experts on TV or read articles in your local newspaper or monthly magazines, what you mostly hear is how this exercise program or that exercise regimen is the best. We are supposed to put our trust, and of course money, into the hands of these so called experts who want us to spend hours working out to fast-paced videos or various types of equipment.

The problem is that many of us are well beyond the age where we should be trying to keep up with those who are promoting such products. In fact, quite often we are twice the age, yet they do not take into consideration our age or our physical ability, or lack thereof.

Senior exercise programs must be geared to each age group from our fifties on through our nineties and beyond. As long as we live we should at least do something every day to help us stay strong and agile enough to get around.

Senior couple on bicycles

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Senior Dating Controversy

One of the most controversial topics in many families as well society in general has to do with senior dating. Many adult sons and daughters cannot imagine their widowed or divorced parent going out on a date or meeting someone online. In fact, many think that after a certain age, adults should no longer go out on a date let alone get into an intimate relationship.

For some reason, people seem to think that dating is just for the younger crowd – younger meaning anywhere from teens to the late forties or early fifties. But, if anyone in their sixties or seventies starts dating, people are horrified. They think that not only are seniors too old, but they should be past even being interested in such activity.

Times have changed

But times have changed, at least for the baby boomers that are now in their mid-sixties and those just a few years older. The Age of Aquarius and the societal changes of the sixties have come of age in those who are now considered the elderly. They have always been tied to change and it continues with the willingness to meet new people and continue to develop relationships that would never have been considered in former times. Continue reading →

LifeCircles – Have You Checked Them Out?

A representative from LifeCircles came over today to talk to us about Dad participating in their program. He would be required to go to their facility at least once a week, although he would start at two times a week. A bus would pick him up and drop him back off at home.

The program is part of Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and is supported by Medicare and Medicaid. Dad just barely qualifies as he has a pretty good income, but just squeaks in under the income limit. The program provides innovative care for aging individuals according to their brochure.

The coolest thing is that it will not cost us anything and all of his health and medical needs would be taken care of. They have their own doctor’s, dentist’s, Optometrists, hearing, podiatry, cardiology and so forth. Also prescriptions and over-the-counter meds are taken care of as well. They also provide rehab and durable medical equipment when needed.

What the program does is helps people live in their own community rather than go into a nursing home unless absolutely necessary. Dad can live at home, go to the facility for the day from one to four times a week, and have everything taken care of. I would have a time of respite while he was out having fun and getting his needs met at the same time.

It almost seems too good to be true and I wondered if anyone out there has had experience with LifeCircles/PACE? I would love to hear what you think and if you do know about the program, what are your thoughts – good and bad.

We are going to give it a try, but if there is something I’m not seeing I want to know!

What I think I will do is update this site as we work toward getting Dad into the program and possibly later if/when he goes into a nursing home. That way hopefully we can help others find a way to meet the needs of their loved one as well.