Malnutrition and the Elderly

According to a recent Swedish study, many older adults are not meeting their nutritional needs. Nearly 15 percent of adults between 75 and 80 years are at risk for malnutrition based on such factors as their diet, weight, and physical and mental well being. Women were at greater risk than men at 19 percent (women) to 11 percent (men).

Although malnutrition and dehydration are common in nursing homes, older adults who live at home are also at risk due to poor appetite and limited ability to shop and cook, according to the study.

Despite the fact that older adults may no longer need as many calories as those who are younger and more active, they still need to eat food with good nutritional value.

Most doctors recommend vitamins and minerals in addition to meals containing nutrient rich protein and fiber. With a little planning and preparation, smaller meals and appropriate snacks throughout the day can provide aging seniors with the proper nutritional diet.

You can find an article regarding the Swedish study by following this link.


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