Law of Attraction – Be Clear About What You Want

I was reading an article about law of attraction recently and it got me thinking about the concept of attracting what I want in certain areas of my life. Because of my age, I sometimes feel like that ship has passed me by, but other times I believe that such concepts can still make a difference in my life now and in the future.

In the realms of law of attraction, also known as LOA, we’re told to focus on and think about things we want with the belief that we will attract them to our life.

One of the tricks to this is to focus on what you really want. Do you want more love, money, better health, good friends, stuff, and a nicer place to live? Maybe as a senior you want to live as long as possible while remaining healthy enough to enjoy life.

One thing we don’t always realize is that sometimes our wants are firmly tangled with the wants of others around us. We want things because someone else wants it.

It’s time to get clear on what YOU really want instead of letting the wants of others interfere. For example, check your wants or desires in these areas:

Do you want love in your life?

What do YOU think love should look like? What kind of relationship will make you happy? Have you really thought about that? Are you a widow or widower who is looking for marriage or are you looking for companionship without legal attachment?

Does your perfect relationship include getting flowers or gifts on a regular basis? Does it look like a dream life where everything runs smoothly? Or, do you simply want to spend time with a partner who offers you mutual respect, support, understanding and affection?

Get clear about the kind of relationship you want and the kind of partner you want so you can attract the right person to you, not some ideal of what people think love should look like. A stable, loving relationship is always a better choice.

Do you want more money in your life?

This seems to be the big item with Law of Attraction. However, until you know how much you want to attract, you won’t be able to attract it. You need to figure out a real dollar amount and keep in mind how you decided that figure. Is it to live comfortably? To be able to give to charity? To have a big savings account?

Until you get clear on an amount and how you intend to attract that amount, it won’t happen. Even once you determine these things it will still take time for everything to be put into motion. Don’t give up.

Do you want more stuff, or material possessions, in your life?

Do you want certain stuff because of reasons that are true to you? Or do you want stuff because you’re filling an empty spot or because they’re status symbols?

Being clear on why you want things can help you decide what it is you really want. Will driving the latest model year car make you feel any more important than driving a good dependable car? Would it be better to drive a less expensive car and use the money you save toward spending on other things?

Maybe material possessions aren’t that important to you. Maybe you’re just as content to have a modest home and furnishings, but would rather spend money on travel or buying things for others. No answer is right or wrong, only what’s right or wrong for you. Get clear on what it is you really want and what you want money and material items to accomplish and represent for you.

The law of attraction isn’t just for young people.

Yes, you can attract all kinds of things no matter how old you are, but you have to become aligned with what you really want, not what you think you want or someone else wants for you. You will have to put everyone else and their wants aside, and determine what it is you truly want in your life and what you want to accomplish by using LOA no matter how old you are.



2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction – Be Clear About What You Want

  1. I agree, Misty. Sometimes we need to go after what we want – it’s not selfish, but loving and caring for our own needs. Especially, when we are caring for someone else, or we are needing that extra self-care for ourselves so that we can be happy.

  2. Great tips. It’s always best to get what you want instead of what you think others will want you to want. Best way to have a happy life.

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