Knit Together: Discover God’s Pattern For Your Life Review

As a long time fan of Debbie Macomber’s Cabot Cove and Blossom Street novels, I was thrilled when she wrote her first nonfiction book, Knit Together.

The book starts out with a wonderful introduction by Liz Curtis Higgs who calls Debbie a savvy mentor who helps point the way to our God-given purpose in life. (All her readers are on a first name basis.)

An outstanding first nonfiction book, Knit Together is written in such a way that each chapter addresses an area the reader is created for, such as created for a purpose, created for dreams, created for success, to name a few of the twelve chapters, ending with created to worship.

Using knitting as an example, Debbie discusses how God created us and knit us together to form someone special. This insightful book is motivational, inspirational, and encouraging from the viewpoint of someone who understands.

The stories she shares about her friends and family allow us to see the real Debbie and to realize that she really does care. Knit Together is like a fireside chat that is meant to draw us closer to God, while at the same time we get to know Debbie as well. We get to know her, not just as the beloved novelist, but also as a mother, wife, grandmother, and friend.

Most chapters begin with scripture from Psalm 139 and a quote to ponder. Each chapter is short enough to use as a daily devotional, and yet provides enough spiritual, mental, and emotional depth to carry us through the day, and well beyond. Sidebars sporadically appear throughout the book tying in how knitting relates to life.

Leading by example, Debbie opens her heart, soul, and life as she reaches out to her readers. She then encourages each of us to reach out to those who need us. Knit Together is a strong Christian book providing women with the inspiration and motivation we need to live a long, healthy spiritual life.

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