Healthy Aging in 2010

Along with the goals and objectives I am developing for the coming year as mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am also including healthy aging as a priority for both Dad and myself. As a caregiver, I need to stay healthy in order to better help the one I am caring for. Here is a brief look at healthy aging.

Aging is normal

Unless our life is extinguished at a young age, we will eventually move into our senior years. Aging is a normal fact of life. Unfortunately, many of us fight the process instead of allowing ourselves to move gracefully into the next phase of the aging process. Take a look at the print and television ads and you will see the vast amount of advertising that goes into trying to keep people looking and feeling as young as possible well into their senior years.

Healthy living is one thing, but spending thousands of dollars on anti-aging creams, pills, and other items is not always the best use of our time and money. Living a healthy lifestyle is! Eating right, exercising, and developing a strong emotional balance will help us enter our senior years with greater ease.

Recent health advances over the last several decades have added years to our lives. Longevity has increased greatly since the early 1900s. People are living well into their 90s and even 100s while still keeping their mental and physical abilities, albeit to a lesser extent.

What seniors should focus on

There are three areas seniors should focus on to help in our quest for healthy living and aging. Those areas are physical, mental, and emotional health. When we take the time to make sure all three areas are being addressed in our life, we will automatically assure ourselves of a much richer life experience. We do that by focusing on:

  • Choosing healthy lifestyle habits by getting plenty of exercise, preferably outdoors when possible
  • Staying active in all areas of life
  • Maintaining strong social support through family and friends
  • Staying positive by focusing on the future and not dwelling on the past

We have an opportunity this new year to have the best year ever. Maybe our bodies and minds are not cooperating as much as they used to, but we can still enjoy ourselves, our friends and family, and our daily lives. We can focus on the positive aspects of each day, knowing that this day will never come around again.

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and keeping a positive attitude will take us a long way into having a successful 2010 and beyond.

How about you? What are your lifestyle plans for the coming year? Do they include living a healthy lifestyle? Embrace healthy aging and have a great 2010!


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