Happy Third Birthday, Elder Care Cafe

This is our third birthday at Elder Care Cafe and we almost missed it again! The actual date is August 3rd, although last year we were so busy with our move to Texas we didn’t celebrate until the end of August.

Once again we are on the busy-train. A year ago we moved to SE Texas to help with the care of my grandson and to experience island living. While I am thoroughly enjoying my time here, my father is not. So, for two reasons we are back on the move. My daughter has lived here for seven years and has decided to return to Michigan. The main reason is the heat and she misses the cool morning breezes, among other things – such as green grass, tall trees, etc. I totally understand.

Therefore, we will be on the road next week, returning to Michigan. We will not be in our usual mid-Michigan area were I grew up, but on the west coast instead. We will be just a mile from Lake Michigan and in a area I’m excited to explore. Although I’m not looking forward to the upcoming winter, everything else looks to be pretty good.

Dad, of course, is happy. He will be 89 this October, and has been chomping at the bit, so to speak, to get back to his native land. No matter where we travel in life, for most people there is no place like home.

As we celebrate another year on Elder Care Cafe, I wanted to thank everyone who has joined us, shared our stories, and left quality comments on this site. We really appreciate you!!!

My plan is to keep this site as long as Dad is alive as he is the reason I started it in the first place. So the mantra is, “When he goes, the site goes.” Not sure how much longer that will be, but we will enjoy the journey along the way – just as we are taking our time and enjoying our up-coming move.

Take care, everyone, and again – thanks for stopping by and for your support of the Elder Care Cafe.

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