Conquering Depression in the Golden Years Review

Dr. Valentin Bragin, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center in Brooklyn, New York has recently published Conquering Depression in the Golden Years, a worthy follow-up to How to Activate Your Brain.

This newest offering is an informative and easy-to-read guide for anyone who struggles with depression, or knows someone who does. He quickly shows the reader, through the first hand account of a relatives bout with depression, that he understands the devastating toll the disease can take on one’s life.

Groundbreaking work

For a number of years, Dr. Bragin has worked with depressed, cognitively impaired geriatric patients and has developed a program used to treat depression, anxiety, memory, and concentration problems as described in How to Activate Your Brain.

Conquering Depression in the Golden Years is the logical next step in his ongoing work involving depression and dementia in the elderly.

Dr. Bragin notes that at his Center treatment for depression is both active and aggressive. He encourages patients to take responsibility for defeating depression rather than waiting weeks for medication to take effect.

Provides hope for the depressed

In this book, he provides hope for those who struggle with the disease by describing how to recognize the symptoms, and then he provides a systematic, proven method for conquering depression by activating the senses, improving concentration, boosting memory, and lifting the mood through recommended lifestyle changes.

The book is a practical guide to recovery written in a caring and encouraging manner. Success stories are shared through the book, and the large print format makes for easy reading, especially for seniors. The easy to follow instructions are clear and concise.

Homework assignments prove effective

Dr. Bragin provides numerous diagrams with homework assignments designed to help patients proactively move toward greater health. The mental and physical exercises are to be performed three or more times per day in 12-15 minute stints. He even includes nutritional tips and recipes to help aid in digestion.

Conquering Depression in the Golden Years encompasses a well-rounded approach for seniors, their families, and their caregivers. This book is highly recommended for anyone who struggles with depression or wants to learn more about how to combat this debilitating disease.

You can find further information about Dr. Bragin’s work at the following links to his websites for each book:

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Or, you can purchase Conquering Depression in the Golden Years at


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