Clothing for Seniors – Consider Catalogues and Online Stores

As we age, one of our concerns is how to find clothing for seniors that are appropriate for our age, looks good on us, and is comfortable. There is such a focus on the buying power of the teen to forties demographic age groups, especially on television and in the print media, that it becomes difficult to find anything related to the elderly, especially in the area of clothing.

As baby boomers move into their mid-sixties, they bring their desire to remain young into their clothing choices. Retailers know that and cater to their dollars as well.

Margaret Donohoe, Thrift Shop volunteer, puts newly arrived clothes out on the floor for sale. U. S. Air Force photo by Sue Sapp

Where are clothes for the elderly?

Go into any department or clothing store and you will rarely see any promotions that have to do with clothing for the more elderly among us.

The demographic I’m talking about regarding clothing for seniors are those who are in their 70’s, 80’s and beyond. They are still in need of clothing, but it’s difficult to find age-appropriate items that provide a comfortable fit and still look stylish.

Another problem aging seniors have is that they are no longer as flexible as they used to be and depending on their health, may need to ware adaptable clothing. Thankfully, because of the increase in the number of elderly men and women, some clothing manufacturers are beginning to focus on what the elderly need in the area of clothing as well as shoes and slippers, etc.

Comfort versus latest style

Most seniors are more interested in comfort than trying to emulate the latest styles. They are no longer looking for a tight fitting outfit or the most up-to-date pair of shoe, but something that feels good on their body, and that allows them to relax and enjoy their day.

I remember in my grandmother’s day in the fifties and early sixties. She rarely wore slacks, but almost always wore a dress, hose, and 1-2 inch thick-heeled shoes. In fact, both grandmothers wore dresses on a daily basis. That was what they had grown up with and carried with them into their elder years.

This photo is actually how she dressed every day unless for some reason she wore a pair of slacks for outdoor work – I only saw her in slacks maybe two or three times.

Now, we are more likely to wear a pair of slacks and top or casual clothes around the house, especially jeans, yoga or jogging pants.

Most women still want to look attractive even when they go to the grocery store, but they are not as likely to wear a dress and low heels. On the other hand, they are usually not as casual as the younger set that is in their twenties and thirties.

Clothing trends change over the years

You can certainly see the difference in the relationship of how people dress according to their age and how they grew up. What they are familiar with since early adulthood, is typically how they still dress in their sixties and seventies.

Depending on how old you are, you can see how styles have changed over the decades and how those who are moving into their elder years bring with them what they have known throughout their lives. Neither of my grandmothers would have gone to the grocery store wearing slacks, let alone jeans. Only men wore jeans and women never appeared in public wearing pants/slacks.

Why you should consider ordering through catalogues or online

While there are stores that still have a few choices for the older woman, more people are turning to shopping online and through catalogues. It can be a bit difficult if there is a difference in sizes from company to company, but for the most part sizes have been regulated and you can get what you need.

Here are seven reasons why ordering from catalogues and online could be a smart choice for you:

  1. Catalogues often give you a choice of colors and sizes that you won’t find in a store that has limited space.
  2. Most companies will give you the sizes available, including measurements. Make sure you take your measurements before you shop online or check out the clothing catalogues.
  3. Most catalogue companies have a more relaxed return policy than do many stores, especially if you want to exchange for a different size. They are also more supportive if you realize the outfit is not for you.
  4. You can take your time going through their catalogues and order when you are ready from the comfort of your own home. No pressure.
  5. You can order anytime, day or night.
  6. Transportation is no problem.
  7. You don’t have to get dressed up to go shopping.

Grab your favorite drink, relax in your easy chair, and browse the clothing options. It’s really just as easy as that.

I love ordering online or through a catalogue. I used to be a bit nervous about it because I don’t like to go through the process of returning items. But, I’ve gotten it down to a science, especially as I know my size and my likes and dislikes as to styles and types of material.

Make sure you understand what you are purchasing. If you are not sure of the comfort or fit, purchase with the understanding that it may not be for you and that you have the right to return the item. In the meantime, enjoy browsing and choosing the items you want even if it’s only to add to your wish list.

Finding clothing for seniors is certainly not like it was decades ago. Relax and enjoy your browsing time and make a wish list of items that you would like to get. When the time and finances come, place the order and watch for your new items to be delivered to your door or the local post office. No fuss, no muss.

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