Are You an Active or Passive Retired Senior?

Many people work their whole adult life without taking time to enjoy a hobby or two. They have no clue as to how to enjoy life as a senior citizen. When it’s time to retire, they have no idea what to do with their time. A few are able start up something they have always wanted to get involved in, but many don’t. They end up sitting in their recliner with their eyes staring at their television set. Unfortunately, that is a real good way to shorten their life span.

There are other people who have enjoyed various hobbies over the years and have settled on what they want to do when their work life is over and they have the hours to dedicate to their favorite activity. Their retirement years are filled with what they had longed to do for many years. They are living a satisfied life.

Active or Passive?

Depending on your health and where your interests lie, you can enjoy active or passive activities.

Active: Active hobbies could include bowling, senior walking or running marathons, landscaping your yard, fishing and hunting, volunteering or traveling.

Passive: Passive activities can include stamp collecting, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, bingo, writing the great American novel, or any number of other pursuits. Volunteering at a local Senior Center could be considered passive if you are there to eat lunch and chat with fellow seniors.

Combination of Active and Passive: A mixture of active and passive could include spending time with your grandchildren and other relatives. Depending on how old, or young, your grandchildren are, what you do together could be construed as active or passive. How do I know? I have a hyperactive grandson who can give me a run for my money or we can passively watch cartoons or videos for a quite couple of hours.

Your Options Are Many

In fact, you can basically do anything you want as long as you are physically and mentally capable. That’s one of the great things about retirement. Your time is now your own, for the most part, and you get to choose how to use it.

You can even try a number of activities to see which one you like best. You may have had an idea of what you wanted to do when you retired long before it happened. Then, you found out later it wasn’t as much of a challenge or as interesting as you thought.

The cool thing is that you can try something else to see if that is more to your liking. The important thing is that you use time wisely as it goes by so quickly. Be careful not to postpone what you want to accomplish only to realize later that it’s too late. The experience of pursing a number of hobbies and activities will often significantly enhance your life while you decide what you like best.

Whatever you decide to do, have a good time and enjoy the so-called glory years of your retirement. Whether you are active, passive, or a mix of the two, choose for yourself how you want to spend the rest of your life. After all, you earned it!

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