Aging Process is a Natural Process

While many people continue to look for the so-called Fountain of Youth well into their old age, that search is fruitless because the aging process is a natural process. While we cannot prevent aging, without drastic measures, of course, we can help slow it down.  However, as most of us are aware, due to great strides in the health care industry longevity seems to be in our favor. There are a number of ways to help us fight the aging process or at least give the appearance of having slowed it down, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy or right for us.

Is Hollywood to blame?

We only need to look to Hollywood and the actors and actresses who work constantly to keep their age a secret. With all the means currently available to build a make-believe world of the forever youthful looking face and overall appearance, surgical means such as liposuctions, facelifts, stretching, or other cosmetic surgeries and external cosmetic applications have certainly extended the screen life of many a performer not to mention raised the level of sales of beauty products on the market today.

Unfortunately, women are more prone to taking drastic measures to remain as young looking as possible. Is that their fault? Or has society demanded their favorite movie and television stars stay abnormally youthful? Actresses realize very early on – even as early as their thirties – that there is always someone coming up behind them that will someday soon take over their roles.

Who are your role models?

The more everyday people see their role models remaining young, the more they want and need the same for themselves. And it may not just be what they want, but what society around them is demanding as well. Do husbands and girlfriends put pressure on them to look and act young? Do they feel threatened in some way that they have to keep up with each other in their appearance?

It used to be that keeping up with the Jones had to do with the type of house you owned, where you lived, and how successful you were at raising your children and what activities you were involved in. Nowadays it seems that all that is still true to a certain extent, but the need to stay young looking has taken over everything else – including common sense.

The Fountain of Youth

You need to understand the Fountain of Youth does not exist no matter how many pills you take, creams and lotions you buy, or surgeries you undergo. The aging process is a natural process that everyone should allow to happen – well, naturally. So what if you start to have wrinkles in your fifties – embrace the life experiences showing in your face. You earned every line just making it into your 50s and 60s. You earned every grey hair so why try to hide it behind a lot of artificial products that will only cause more damage in the long run.

Women – you have not failed in life if you have not stopped the aging process. It is never going to happen. Relax and enjoy life. Eat well, exercise moderately and often, and keep a good perspective on life. Enjoy your life and all you have around you. That is what will slow down the aging process – the natural way!


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