Aging in Place Becoming a Booming Business

As with most any new trend, there are savvy entrepreneurs who will take advantage of a growing movement to offer their goods and services. Currently, that is the case with aging in place, the new buzz word for those families who are choosing to keep their parents and grandparents in their own homes as long as possible.

Most people recognize that the elderly are more comfortable, and feel more safe and secure, in the home they have lived in for many years.

According to the AARP, approximately 90 percent of the aging population desire to stay in their own home. Although that option is not always possible, remaining independent as long as the senior is able is still the preferred goal.

Family members stepping up to the plate

In many cases, family members and long-time friends are becoming more involved in the care of the elderly. They recognize their loved one’s desire to stay at home and are making arrangements, and adjusting their lives, to accommodate their parents.

Most of the time, the elderly can stay in their homes, although sometimes they have to move in with an adult child or grandchild and their family.

Home health care options

There are a growing number of support organizations willing to work with family members providing advice, counsel, and other assistance to help them with their decision making and practical tasks. Home health care agencies are able to make house calls to take blood pressure checks, monitor medications, and in our case, provide wound care for diabetics.

With lap tops and portable health equipment, medical personnel can visit the home of an aging senior for most any routine health need. Once a month someone comes in a draws Dad’s blood to take to the lab. They then report the results to the doctor who monitors that particular drug.

Without such advances in the medical field, many seniors would need to go to some sort of nursing home or assisted living. Now, with home health care and other out-patient resources, seniors can stay in their home for much longer periods of time, often for many years.

This growing cottage industry, many times provided through local hospitals or other health care-related companies, allows an opportunity that earlier generations were not able to take advantage of. With the senior population growing by leaps and bounds in the coming years, such options are more than welcome for those who prefer aging in place.


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