Activities for the Elderly Help Keep Them Active

Seniors should continue their activities as long as possible to help them maintain their strength and agility. Although they can no longer perform all the tasks they used to, they are still able to do quite a few activities depending on their physical and mental ability. You may be very surprised at how activities for the elderly can help them remain active while increasing their strength and endurance in just a short time.

Activity Ideas

There are a wide variety of hobbies and crafts seniors can participate in to help improve their mental and physical capabilities. One prime example is in the area of art. Drawing, sketching or painting allows them to freely express themselves while helping them remain agile. Simply ask them what they would like to use and provide the materials. Besides the normal paper and pencil, you could also use such tools as charcoal, markers, or water colors. You could provide samples to copy or allow them to create their own.

Crafts for seniors

Activities for the elderly that most people don’t think about are the model cars and airplanes that come in kits. Many men probably put together such crafts as a child and might appreciate the opportunity to get their hand back into challenge of putting the craft together and enjoying the results. If they are unable to handle very small parts, look for crafts that are appropriate for those who might have a problem with arthritis.

Many women learned to sew, knit or crochet, or create other types of handwork such as cross stitch. There are many types and styles of craft kits available that include everything needed for the ladies to get started. They may also be willing to hand sew buttons that have come off of clothing.

Music for seniors

Many seniors learned how to play the piano at an early age, and moving their fingers across the keys can help keep their fingers agile. Others may have played guitar, drums, or horns in the school band. Years later, they may enjoy picking up an instrument to see what they can do. They may not be able to get back into their original form, but wouldn’t hurt to let them test their ability.

They may find they haven’t lost as much skill as they thought they would and you may have a senior band to entertain others. Add a couple of singers to the mix and you have a band that can perform on activity night or even travel to senior centers or nursing homes to provide music for the shut-ins.

Such a band entertained the men and women in the nursing home where my mother stayed. Although her dementia had seriously progressed, we saw how she bobbed her head, swayed to the music, and had a very big grin on her face.

Never underestimate the power of music on those that you think can no longer perform or even listen to the music. The right music has a magical power that is not lost on those who can no longer speak. And, those who provide that music will gain a strong self-esteem at having blessed others.

There are many activities for the elderly. Just put on your thinking cap and use these suggestions as a starting point and you will come up with a wonderful list.


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