Activities for Seniors: Social Activities

As people age, they are less likely to participate in social activities. This is especially true for seniors who are in their upper sixties and beyond. Because most people tend to seek the company of others, it is important that they continue to get the opportunity to spend time in group or individual social time, whether at home or at a senior center-type environment.

Most adults prefer to spend time with others who are approximately the same age group and have the same or like interests. Check out these ideas to see if your loved one would be interested in participating:

Social Gatherings

Gathering together to enjoy each other’s company has been a mainstay in many people’s lives since the beginning of time. Most human are social creatures and usually enjoy spending time with those around them. Whether your loved one finds a group to social with at church or at a local senior center, the time they spend will reap numerous benefits to their sense of self and lift their spirits if they are lonely.

Whether the social gatherings are indoors or outside, seniors will return home with memories of conversations, laughter, and enjoying the fresh air of being outdoors for a while. Many times people return home from such gatherings feeling joyful and invigorated. This can only help your loved one feel better about themselves and their life.

Special Attention

If your senior prefers to not be around large gatherings when they participate in social activities, there are ways he or she can spend one-on-one time with a friend or enjoy having coffee and conversation with two or three friends.

Sometimes just having someone into their home or providing a way for them to visit old friends or relatives they haven’t seen in a while provides a much needed lift in their spirit.

As seniors age, they may have an increasing problem with noise. They may not be able to participate in conversations in a group setting, but would be able to join in when they are communicating with one or two people.

Play Games

One great way to give your elderly loved one a way to socialize with others is to make sure they continue to participate in their favorite games. Many seniors enjoy playing cards or board games, and getting a chance to play a favorite game over the years will give them an hour or two of fun. They may also remember past games and situations, and want to share stories from the past.

Most games allow conversation to continue during the game or through a quick break such as resetting a board game or preparing to deal another hand during a card game. Not only are they socializing, but the mental activity during these times is an added bonus.

There are any numbers of ways that your loved one can participate in social activities far into their later years. Even those who can no longer actively join in a card or board game can benefit from sitting on the sidelines and watching others. Just being in the presence of other people can lift their spirit.


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