3 Great Places to Retire

There are many reasons why retired couples plan to relocate and move to a different town or state. Some may need to move into a smaller home in order to pay for their everyday expenses after transitioning to a fixed income. Others may want to explore new horizons and move into an area that caters to retired individuals. No matter what the reason may be there are plenty of great places to move to once you retire. Here are the three best places located in the United States for retirees to live.

Columbia, South Carolina

Retirees who are looking for a great southern town to live in for under $40,000 a year can settle in Columbia, South Carolina. This capital city supplies plenty of amenities for retired individuals and couples to take part in. Living in Columbia provides residents with all the comforts of country living and the benefits of residing nearby a big city. The average monthly cost of living in Columbia for retired residents is around $1,100 dollars. That would include a mortgage payment of $712 dollars. Seniors over the age of 65 are eligible for several great benefits when living in South Carolina. Bus fares for people over 65 cost just 75 cents and anyone over the age of 60 qualifies for free tuition to the University of South Carolina.

Palm Beach, Florida

For those interested in relocating to an upscale retirement community, Palm Beach, Florida is the place to go. Along with all the excitement surrounding the sandy shores of the Florida coast, Palm Beach features several other amenities for retirees to enjoy. There are several professional style golf courses located in the area as well as communities that feature swimming pools, tennis courts and walking trails for older residents to enjoy. Palm Beach has a variety of beach front properties for sale that may interest retired couples who have done well over the years investing their money wisely. Luxury condominiums are also available and make the perfect low-maintenance living arrangement for those hoping to relax and enjoy their retirement years.

Auburn, Alabama

While the high society lifestyle of Palm Beach may be intriguing, many retired couples can not afford to live in such a luxurious setting. For those who only have their Social Security benefits to rely on, Auburn, Alabama is a great place to relocate. The area is home to Auburn University and the climate in this southern town has mild winters and nice warm summers. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation in order for retired individuals to continue living an active and healthy lifestyle. The average annual household income for residents of Auburn is around $21,630. This amount is about six thousand dollars less than what most retired couples receive from their social security benefits annually.

Choosing to relocate after you retire has many great benefits. You can choose to move into a home that is much smaller and costs less to maintain in order to save money, or you can choose to make the most out of your retirement and move into an upscale community with plenty of amenities to enjoy. Either way, you will be living your retirement years in a brand new location where you have the chance to make new friends and discover new interests.

Kate Johnson writes and edits the Retirement website RetireAway.org. She is currently living the high life, retired in Northern Belize. She recently published a piece on reasons to retire in France.

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