Balanced Fitness Programs for Seniors: A Step, Pedal, and Stretch in the Right Direction

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) position statement entitled: “Guidelines for the Promotion of Physical Activity for Older Persons” states that most elderly people can find a physically active lifestyle beneficial and that simply being active trumps the actual type of physical activity they may engage in.

“There are many different kinds of physical activity which are beneficial for older persons,” states Dr. Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko, Professor of Exercise Science at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. “We know that traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise are very beneficial. Strength training is beneficial, flexibility exercises are helpful, but also physical activity as part of everyday living is useful in the prevention of diseases that are associated with inactivity and sedentary lifestyles.”

Developing a balanced fitness regimen custom-tailored to the individual, incorporating cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility activities and accounting for any injuries, ailments, or other risk factors, is a first step to better health and longevity.

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Senior Exercise Tips

Whether you watch health experts on TV or read articles in your local newspaper or monthly magazines, what you mostly hear is how this exercise program or that exercise regimen is the best. We are supposed to put our trust, and of course money, into the hands of these so called experts who want us to spend hours working out to fast-paced videos or various types of equipment.

The problem is that many of us are well beyond the age where we should be trying to keep up with those who are promoting such products. In fact, quite often we are twice the age, yet they do not take into consideration our age or our physical ability, or lack thereof.

Senior exercise programs must be geared to each age group from our fifties on through our nineties and beyond. As long as we live we should at least do something every day to help us stay strong and agile enough to get around.

Senior couple on bicycles

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Are You an Active or Passive Retired Senior?

Many people work their whole adult life without taking time to enjoy a hobby or two. They have no clue as to how to enjoy life as a senior citizen. When it’s time to retire, they have no idea what to do with their time. A few are able start up something they have always wanted to get involved in, but many don’t. They end up sitting in their recliner with their eyes staring at their television set. Unfortunately, that is a real good way to shorten their life span.

There are other people who have enjoyed various hobbies over the years and have settled on what they want to do when their work life is over and they have the hours to dedicate to their favorite activity. Their retirement years are filled with what they had longed to do for many years. They are living a satisfied life. Continue reading →

Pets for Seniors – Comforting or Confining?

You have probably seen your neighbors walking their pets several times a day, sometimes early in the morning or late at night. When that neighbor is in his or her 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s, have you ever wondered how they manage to care for a pet? When people are young, it’s easier to get out at all times of the day and night to exercise, visit friends, go out on the town, or walk their pet. But, when people reach their elder years, a number of reasons can keep them from going outdoors on a routine basis.

Some seniors have had cats or dogs for years while others wonder if it’s time to get a pet now that they are retired. There are several reasons why people in their senior years may want to have a pet, including:

Companionship. Pets, especially dogs and cats, provide seniors with companionship when they feel lonely. This is especially applicable to those who do not have family living close by or they are widowed or divorced and on their own.

high five human, dog giving a paw to a handsome man in the house

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Seniors Online – A Growing Demographic

One of the fastest growing demographics regarding the older set has to do with the Internet. Statistics show that a growing number of seniors are taking to the World Wide Web for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but many of those getting on line are not those in their early sixties – they are already online in most cases – but those who are in their seventies and eighties.

We live in a technological age, and aging seniors who were born in the late 1920’s or 1930’s are embracing new technology by the millions. In fact, technology is all around us with the use of electricity, television, radio, and especially the Internet. While many aging seniors either are not interested in the new tech age, others may not be able to grasp the concept. But there are many more that are embracing the changes in their lives.

Senior Vietnamese man sitting on sofa and reading new on his tablet computer

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Clothing for Seniors – Consider Catalogues and Online Stores

As we age, one of our concerns is how to find clothing for seniors that are appropriate for our age, looks good on us, and is comfortable. There is such a focus on the buying power of the teen to forties demographic age groups, especially on television and in the print media, that it becomes difficult to find anything related to the elderly, especially in the area of clothing.

As baby boomers move into their mid-sixties, they bring their desire to remain young into their clothing choices. Retailers know that and cater to their dollars as well.

Margaret Donohoe, Thrift Shop volunteer, puts newly arrived clothes out on the floor for sale. U. S. Air Force photo by Sue Sapp

Where are clothes for the elderly?

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Martial Arts Exercises for Seniors

Exercises are great stress reliever and it also boosts self confidence among seniors. Researches reveal that martial arts are a great form of activity for aged persons. However, one should not over stress themselves. Exercises should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the age factor. There are several benefits of this, like:

  • It helps to learn co ordination
  • Provides group support
  • Improve flexibility and provides a healthier life
  • Increase mental alertness

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Grandparent and Grandchild – A Unique Bond

What surprises many seniors when their grandchildren begin arriving are how much love they can hold in their heart for the new arrivals. There is a bond between grandparent and grandchild that is difficult to explain to outsiders.

After all, when parents have their children, they are new to raising kids, most likely trying to earn a living, still getting used to living with their spouse, paying bills and often a mortgage, and still trying to figure out their way in life.

Grandparents have it better because they have been through all that. Now, they are on the other end of the life cycle. While they do have their own issues as they age, there is still a lack of the pressure that parents have. Seniors can enjoy their grandchildren without carrying the load moms and dads have to deal with.

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Grandparents and Grandchildren: Reliving Our Childhood

Grandparents and grandchildren seem to have a special bond that cannot be broken no matter what happens. I’ve found that one of the greatest blessings in my life is my grandson, who is now five-years-old.  Anyone who knows me knows that I was not the best parent in the world.

One of the great things about having grandchildren is that we can learn from our experience and hopefully make a much more positive difference in their life than we did the first time around.

I’m proud of both my daughters and how they turned out in spite of their father and me. It’s especially satisfying to see what a great mom my daughter is with her son. What makes her role as top-mom even more challenging is that he is a special needs child.

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Shopping Tips for Seniors

About every couple of weeks or so we go shopping for groceries and other necessities at one of the so-called big box stores – in our case either Wal-Mart or Meijer. In the meantime, I keep a running list of what we will need to buy so that I don’t miss anything.  In between the larger trips we have a local store about two miles from us if we need emergency rations such as milk.

The main problem with these larger shopping trips is that we tend to spend more money than we sometimes need. As we are moving through the store to the grocery area after getting a haircut or picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, we come across all kinds of items that we suddenly realize we really need – but actually we don’t.

I’ve never been one to enjoy shopping and now that I’m older it seems to be more of a chore than ever. The noise, bright lights, largeness of the store, sometimes the number of people in the grocery isles depending on when we go shopping, and how I am feeling that day all play a part in whether I enjoy myself or dread being at the store. Continue reading →

Seniors Can Stay Fit by Eating Right – Here’s how

As we all know aging is a process that occurs over time. We are young, active, and enjoying life. Then one day the realization sets in that we are feeling and looking older; we either do not or cannot exercise or participate in sports the way we used to; and we are beginning to tire of all the activity around us preferring to stay home instead. On top of that, aches and pains and weariness are becoming a daily occurrence. In other words, we are getting older.

To age means to slowly start losing the good health we once enjoyed; the freedom of movement without pain and most important of all our independence. Where once the parent was teacher and guide, there is now a role reversal and the child becomes the teacher and guide. Is this hard to bear? Definitely! Probably nothing is more painful than knowing that you will slowly lose your independence and become dependent on someone, and possibly even have to give up the security of your own home.

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