Enjoy a Healthy Heart with these Five Tips

One thing I never realized was that even if heart disease ran in our family, we could cut our personal risk dramatically. Were you aware of that? When we follow a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water, all of these components lead to a healthy heart and a lower risk of heart attack and cardiac illness.

When we follow the top 5 tips for a healthy heart, and put them into practice, all of us can benefit from the overall body health and fitness that a healthy cardiovascular system delivers. Continue reading

Home Decluttering Tips for Seniors

For the average senior, it is not uncommon to live in a home surrounded by a lifetime of memories. Between the tchotchkes, knick knacks, and mementos, your home can seem like a storage unit that never stops growing. This can become overwhelming, but at the same time, it is extremely difficult to let go of precious memories that have manifested themselves in your belongings. Don’t let the clutter affect the quality and comfort of your home; with these de-cluttering tips, you’ll be able to remove clutter from your home effectively and with ease! Continue reading

Exercise Vital to Aging Seniors

We have heard for many years how vital exercise is to all age groups. Those conducting research on longevity especially caution aging seniors to stay active as they age. I’m sure we all have heard of a friend or family member who reached their eighties or nineties without exercising, but they are in the minority.

For the most part, those who stay active over their lifetime quite often stay healthy and are able to get around much more easily than those who sit in their recliner watching television all day. Continue reading

Aging Seniors and Low Self Esteem, Part 2

Previously, we talked about low self-esteem in seniors, why it happens and what we can do about it. We gave some practical steps people can take to help stop the abuse, and how seniors can maintain a higher degree of self-esteem.

This post provides further detail on what causes low self-esteem and what we can do to protect our elders. For instance, when an aging senior experiences bullying, much like a child might receive on the playground, when the bully is removed from the scene, the senior’s self-esteem begins to return to normal. Continue reading

Aging Seniors and Low Self Esteem, Part 1

Most psychologists agree that when people have a critical or negative view of themselves, the cause is usually environmental. In most cases, you simply remove the environment that is causing a low self-image and healthy self-esteem begins to blossom.

Unfortunately for aging seniors, maintaining a healthy esteem is more of a challenge than that as they continue to grow older. Continue reading

Mobility Assistance Device Improves Senior’s Life

Medical experts agree aging seniors should remain active as long as possible in an effort to maintain or increase their mobility as they age. When people retire after many years in the work force, they believe it’s their time to relax and enjoy life now that they are no longer working.

Unfortunately, all too often their idea of retirement is sitting in their recliner while watching television and eating their favorite snack food. What they don’t realize is that they are setting themselves up for trouble in the future. Continue reading

Tips For Finding The Best Housing Options During Retirement

Housing is one of the biggest considerations when you retire. Many people choose to move and downsize while others feel more comfortable remaining in their home, or even buying a new one. There are issues such as cost and practicality to consider as well. Here are some tips for finding the best housing options during retirement.

If you decide you want to move, either to be in a warmer climate or just to downsize, you need to decide whether you will buy or rent. Many people who have owned their own home for decades have a hard time thinking about renting again. However, it can make a lot of sense, especially if you plan to travel a lot and won’t be there much. Renting can also make more sense if you are going to maintain two residences. If you do decide to rent, look for rentals that are geared toward seniors. Continue reading

Taking Care Of An Elderly – A CNA’s Experience

Being a CNA is never easy because you do most of the messy jobs. But in spite of all these things, I have learned to love this job and I have a heart for it. My first work experience was in a nursing home for about five months. At first, it was really hard to adjust. As a first timer, hearing the yelling’s and moaning’s are emotionally hard to deal with and I am also being physically challenged because of so many responsibilities. Continue reading

How Seniors Can Reduce Stress Using Movement

April is Stress Awareness Month and we thought this would be a great time to mention various ways we seniors can rid ourselves of as much stress as possible. I know from practical experience no one can rid themselves of ALL stress. We’ll always have at least a little stress even if it means a storm blows through our town or we struggle with our physical limitations as we grow older.

Senior stretching

We are particularly stressed when we lose a loved one or close friend. We cannot rid ourselves of stress we have no control over. But, fortunately, there are ways we can lessen our reaction to stress or we can do something about the stress we are already experiencing. Continue reading

How Important is Daily Exercise to Seniors?

Daily exercise is more important than most people realize. Especially to those of us who are in our senior years. My parents were walkers. They walked outdoors or at the local mall for many years. They were also active in other ways as well, such as square dancing, traveling, and members of social organizations.

Their longevity stats? Mom was eighty-years-old when she died after spending several years in a nursing home due to a dementia related illness and little exercise. Dad was ninety-one and died of an illness, not due to lack of exercise.

I truly believe their walking regimen along with their active lifestyle over the years made a difference in how long they lived. Continue reading